Over the last few years, considerable investments have been designed and completed with the intention of building and setting up an in-house laboratory for checking all the physical and chemical characteristics of powders and/or materials as they are received.


As a result of this effort, we can now monitor the constancy of the supplies and can support our principal companies with punctual feedback on the quality found.



Mastersizer 2000 Laser Granulometer, particle size analyser for suspensions / emulsions and dry powders. Measurement range 0.02 - 2000μm with fixed optics without interruptions and automatic sampling unit for suspensions.



Chemical analysis instrument, model Niton XLt 898 with X-ray source. Measures the following elements: Mn-Cr-Ni-V-Ti-Pb-Sn-Cu-W-Fe-Co-Zn-Mo-Pd-Ag-Zr-Bi-Nb-Cd-Ta-Re in Iron base (all steels), Nickel base, Copper base (bronzes & brasses), Zinc base (all alloys), Aluminium base, Titanium base (all alloys), Lead base, Cobalt base (all alloys) matrices.